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We excel in grinding techniques, whether it involves surface, profile, cylindrical, centreless or tool grinding. These companies can guarantee a wide knowledge of the various grinding techniques for workpieces and tools in the most exotic materials.

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The members of the Nederlandse Precisie Slijpbedrijven (Dutch Precision Grinding Companies) deliver to all sectors of the industry and to leading members of the business community in the Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom and Belgium. An NPS member is the partner for the most wide-ranging demands and requirements for material treatment. Every form of expertise is in any case available at one of our affiliated companies.

Do you have a job that you wish to discuss with the appropriate grinding company? Then take a look to see which NPS member is in your area.


The NPS unites companies whose main activities involve the performance of grinding processes for third parties. As industry trade group, we operate under the auspices of the Koninklijke Metaalunie.

We are supported by an easily accessible secretariat and a proactive trade association manager who advises and assists us. Apart from training grinders, the NPS also organises various technical, knowledge-sharing and networking events. We raise awareness of our members and the precision grinding sector at home and abroad through joint promotion. 


The NPS is an authority in the field of grinding techniques in the Netherlands. We maintain a high profile for our sector   both within the Netherlands and also internationally. We are THE platform that companies and authorities can turn to.


By being an authority in the field of innovative grinding techniques, we can support our member grinding companies by creating an optimal business environment. In addition, we also want to promote collaboration with one another and use our know-how through innovation. Together, we will attain a higher level so that we can offer the best possible service to our clients.

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A beginner, advanced or professional grinder? Learn the tricks of the trade during our own grinding training programme. This training programme has been put together by and for grinders; admission is possible at three levels. This training programme enables us to enhance and safeguard the level of quality and knowledge within our sector. By making this fine profession widely known, we can also promote the inflow of young people and lateral entry students.

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