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Dutch Heavy Machining Association

The specialists in grinding techniques!


The NPS unites companies whose main activities involve the performance of grinding processes for third parties. As industry trade group, we operate under the auspices of the Koninklijke Metaalunie. Each company specialises in its own field when it comes to grinding or regrinding of (cutting) tools or the production of various products where a grinding process is necessary.

Whether it involves cylindrical grinding, surface grinding, profile grinding, centreless or tool grinding, NPS members have them all in-house. In addition to the NPS members, the NPS also has associate members. These are companies that are closely allied to our sector.

It is extremely useful to be able to take a stand as a group in the outside world; there is always strength in numbers. As the NPS is also part of the suppliers cluster still mainly involved in machining within Koninklijke Metaalunie, it is easier to contact other (machining) disciplines and (governmental) organisations. The NPS can also play an active part in this for its membership.

Our clients

Each NPS company specialises in its own field when it comes to tool and/or product grinding. NPS members are active in various sectors of the industry and they deliver their products all over the world. NPS companies are able to respond to a wide variety of requests and to work with the most exotic materials. In addition, they have the necessary quality and expertise in-house to be able to make an effective contribution to your (product) development. Our members have a great deal of experience in almost all imaginable areas, directly or indirectly through trusted and experienced clients. Every form of expertise is in any case available at one of our affiliated companies and they will be happy to discuss and exchange ideas with you.

Our partners

In order to strengthen the market position, the NPS works together closely with various business associations, both national and international. In the Netherlands, we operate under the auspices of the Koninklijke Metaalunie. Internationally, we work together with the German Association of Precision Tool Grinders: the FDPW (Fachverband Deutscher Präzisions- und Werkzeugschleifer). This association has members that come from all over Germany and is the professional representative of the industry there. Through this network, the NPS has direct contact with the various trade associations in other countries. For example, they always share an international stand with all representatives at the Grindtec; the trade fair for the grinding sector.

Our basic principles


Collective lobbying for the interests of the sector where an individual member has no influence


Enhancement of (mutual) cooperation and knowledge sharing


Promoting the grinding sector


Safeguarding employment and promoting inflow through training and education


Strengthening the individual position

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