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This training programme has been set up for and by grinders – and is suitable for both beginners and experienced grinders! The complete training programme consists of 3 courses at 3 different levels in which you continually move forward in the grinding process.

Training for every level

You will take a short examination at the end of each course component.
If you pass this short examination, you will receive a certificate.


What is grinding?

3 days • theoretical & practical

During this course, you will learn the basic principles of grinding in 3 days. What is grinding? What kind of techniques are there? What should I remember when I start grinding a workpiece?

We deal with subjects such as grain size, grinding discs, grinding width and grinding depth, grinding tools and spark out. 

On completion of this course, you will have seen all the stages in the grinding process and the necessary tools and they will have been explained to you.


How should I grind?

2 days • theoretical & practical

This course has been developed for people who have some grinding experience. In 2 days, we will examine the practical side of the grinding process in depth, we will deal with various challenges and you will also get some work to do!

How do I set up a machine and what should I be aware of? How do I assemble and balance a grinding disc? How do I clamp a workpiece properly? TWe will also deal with topics such as cooling, cooling systems and dressing during the course.


Further elaboration on the grinding process

2 days • theoretical & practical

During this course, you will learn about the complexities of the grinding process from an experienced teacher with years of grinding experience.

During this course, we will examine the grinding process and the clamping of a workpiece in far more depth.

In addition, we will also focus on the correct way to coat the various materials and the process behind this and we will also explore in detail topics such as CNC, lapping and, importantly, measuring.(Not yet active).

Companies affiliated to OOM (Opleiding Ontwikkeling Metaalbewerking – a sector fund for the metalworking sector) will qualify for a
contribution to
the costs through implementation of the PTTs (Persoonlijke Trainingstoelage – Personal Training Allowances). For further information, please see

Yes, I would like to develop my grinding skills

The minimum number of course participants is 6, the maximum 12. Course participants should prepare the course material at home. You will receive the learning materials at the beginning of the course.

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Course participants who have completed the course and passed the test will receive a certificate. Are you interested in one of the above-mentioned grinding courses? Then register now.

Course locations

On this page, we will keep you up to date regarding locations, dates and other matters relating to our grinding training programme.

Students: Summa College Eindhoven (BBL level 3).

Several options voor students that already are at work in the Netherlands.



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